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  • Applications:

    • Sample Storage
    • Assays
    • Serial Dilution
    • Collection
    • Testing
  • Available in

    • 0.65ml single MicroTubes and 8-TubeStrips™
    • 1.2ml single MicroTubes™ and 8-/12-TubeStrips™ and 8-/12-CapStrips™
    • 2.5ml single MicroTubes

The BioPointe MicroTube Rack System is the industry standard for deep-well microtiter plates with removable wells.

Featuring a rack with an 8 x 12 hole-pattern on traditional 9mm centers, the entire System conforms to the SBS footprint/configuration compatible with robotic workstations, multichannel pipettors and auto-sampling instruments. An alpha-numeric, non-reversing rack and lid ensure positive sample identification. The lid, with individual condensation rings above each tube, prevents cross-contamination. The inert polypropylene tubes, rack and lid can be autoclaved, centrifuged at moderate speeds and stacked for long-term, low temperature storage of biological samples. The System is ideal for:

  • Bacterial and hybridoma cell uptake
  • Cell harvesting
  • CMV, HSV, HTLV-lll testing
  • Receptor binding assays
  • RIA/EIA serial dilution procedures
  • Recombinant DNA work
  • Pharmaceutical and human genome studies
  • Sample storage librariesRacks, with SBS footprint, feature 8×12 hole pattern on 9mm center. making compatible with robotic workstations & multichannel pipettors.

Available non-sterile or sterile, in three sizes of autoclavable polypropylene single tubes, and in 8- or 12-TubeStrips. CapStrips are available either non-vented or vented (neither are autoclavable). Non-vented are used primarily during the aggressive shaking employed in plant DNA assays, while snug-fitting vented CapStrips are ideal for most other applications as they will not pop during heated incubation or -80°C freezing. Silicone rubber PlugMats, with alpha-numeric labeling, seal all 96 tubes simultaneously. CapStrips or PlugMats can be used to securely seal all 96 MicroTubes (under rack lids) for long-term sample storage. 2.5ml single tubes are also available in bulk bags or in SBS footprint racks

Tubes, in racks with lids, may be centrifuged, or shaken with homogenizing balls for plant genetics research. (with Non-vented Caps)
Vented caps are ideal for most other applications as they will not pop-up during incubation or -80C storage.